Scheduling/Leading a Glean

Sometimes all I have is a name and a number and can’t necessarily give you an idea of WHERE the glean will be. In that case, you can get the information and let the donor know you need to give it to a glean leader in their area and we’ll call back to firm up a gleaning date/time. Go through the questions to pass onto a glean leader that may be interested/able to lead the glean.

If you hear of somebody that needs a glean, or if you’ve volunteered to schedule a glean, here’s what you do:

1) Call or contact the host. Be very professional, explain you’re with Eugene Area Gleaners and contacting them in response to their inquiry to schedule a glean. Be enthusiastic and let them know we are happy to glean their tree. Remember this is someone who is calling to give our group a gift- even if it doesn’t work out for you, someone will be very grateful to have it and you are doing us the favor of setting it up for our group.

Here is the information that I need to get you set up:

Try to give at least 24 notice to the homeowner and the group to schedule a glean for the maximum, and best, response.

Contact name:

This is important for the thank-you card and all communication. The host is extremely important and should know they are a named person and not just what they have to offer our group.

Contact’s tel#:


Repeat back the address- we just had a glean where I heard “fifty” when the address was “sixty.” Use single digits like “five-zero” rather than “fifty” when repeating the address back.

What are we gleaning?:

Ask if the fruit has been sprayed so that our members know how to treat it when we get it home. Don’t turn down the glean on behalf of the group if it’s not completely organic. Some of us are less squidgy about pesticides than others. 🙂 Reassure the host that their contribution is valuable and wanted.

Directions, special requests:

General directions are fine. Just something to help the gleaners know they’re in the right place. Any special requests like where to park?

Do they have any equipment such as ladders on site that we can borrow? If not, let them know that it may take an extra day or two to schedule so that we can be sure to get at least one person to come who has proper equipment.

We usually give half of the good fruit that we pick to the gleaners for coming out. Do they want to keep the other half, or send that half to Food for Lane County and have us mail them the tax receipt? or no split necessary? (Please don’t push them in any one direction! We’ve had problems in the past with gleaners talking owners out of a tax receipt. If we make them feel uncomfortable they may cancel or not schedule with us again, or recommend against us to neighbors instead of passing the word along!)

Are gleaners welcome to bring their children to help with windfalls? Reassure the host that all liability is covered by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, but don’t pressure them either way. Understand that some yards simply aren’t going to be safe for kids no matter how well the parent intends to watch them, and some hosts are going to worry (rightfully so) about accidental tramplings of their flowerbeds no matter how vigilant a parent is. But if children are allowed it will open up the glean and be easier to fill the crew.

Any animals we should be aware of? 
We typically ask that dogs be penned just in case so they don’t get hurt and we don’t get bit if s/he decides to be territorial.

2) Get the glean information down on our “Places we’ve gleaned” spreadsheet:

if that link does not work, try this one:

or email it to Brandy to add to the spreadsheet ( Please note, only approved glean leaders get access to this spreadsheet. Do this for each and every time we are out there to glean. We are tracking gleaners and flakes, so we know who is active and would make a great future glean leader, and who needs to be removed from the group.

3) Figure out if this glean will work best as an individual or group split.

Individual split: Every man for himself, you split what you pick- these splits are great for larger, single-item gleans where everyone has an equal shot at getting the same amount, no biases in ability or equipment.

Group split: each person takes one tree or a job, we pool in and split everything at the end- better for gleans where multiple fruit trees are available so that everyone gets some of each, or if there are a lot of windfalls and only one ladder.

4) Send glean details via email to the list at: AND create a Facebook event in the Facebook group at:

If childcare may be needed (e.g., a “no kids” glean), post anyway, we may have a member who may be willing to offer childcare for anyone who would like to go in exchange for a share of the glean. Gleans MUST be offered on both lists. Team up with someone who can post for you or tag Brandy Collier if you are unable to cross-post.





Glean Leader:

Glean Leader tel#:

What we’re gleaning:

What equipment is needed:

Equipment supplied/already coming/who’s bringing:

How we’re splitting (owner/FFLC & individual/group):

Share w/ owner or FFLC :

Maximum amount of gleaners needed:

Children welcome?:

General location:

Reminder: Bring your own boxes/containers. Dress for the weather, wear closed-toe shoes, bring gloves if you need them, NO SMOKING!, no extra people, no animals, do not bring animals/kids and leave in the car.


You can give the address if there’s no cap to a glean, otherwise you’ll want to have people contact you for more information, restricting access to the address to only the people who fill a certain number of slots, and get the info for backups.

5) Tag Toni Rakestraw on the glean to add to the group calendar. 

6) Ask Brandy Collier or Carolyn Kurian to send basic information via Remind 101– the text alert system (ask Brandy or Carolyn to do this). Do NOT send the address or donor’s name on either the Google calendar or Remind 101- we can’t control who is/isn’t on that list and we don’t want to share with Joe Public who might show up, unaware of our rules and making a bad name for our group.

7) If you have time and are having a hard time filling a glean, you might go through the member list and CALL people in the area of the glean, alerting them to the date and time of the glean

Please note, only approved glean leaders get access to this list.

8) Note who is expected at the glean on the “Places we’ve gleaned” spreadsheet.Unless you’ve been there to scope out the location prior, you can estimate needing 2-3 people per tree. You may not want to publish the address on the email or event if it’s a glean that will only support a limited number of people. Make sure your crew has your cell number in case they are lost or unable to come, so you can call down your list of backups. You may want to get their cell numbers to remind them day-of.

9) Send a reminder or call your crew the day of the glean. This is not necessary, just a nicety- everyone should be maintaining our personal calendars, but it will definitely help with a final headcount and you won’t be left wondering if someone is lost and without a cell phone.

10) Call the owner/host on our way over. They may have had an emergency and need to cancel the glean, they may have forgotten and be watering their yard in their jammies wondering why 20 people have suddenly descended on their yard. It’s just polite, even if we’re expected.

11) Greet the host! Go over the tree and anything special he or she would like to tell you, but please keep it as short and professional as possible. We’re there to work- not yammer. Your crew will get disgruntled fast if they’re doing all the work for a group split and you spend your time chatting. Plus- you should be directing workflow and keeping everyone on task so we are in and out quickly, quietly, and clean up better than when we arrived before we leave- you can’t do that when you’re standing around talking.

12) Set up the crew- they may need to divide tasks. Brief them on what they’re doing, instruct on how to harvest and any site-specific rules we need to follow. People with ladders/pickers on trees, people without checking fallen fruit and separating out “chicken feed”- this is stuff that’s just not salvageable or usable as anything more than compost or animal food. This is “free” and not included in glean splits. We clean up windfalls as a nicety to the host. If no one is willing to house them until someone with animals can pick up, we can ask the host where they would like them disposed of.

13) Check in on the crew. Make sure no one is smoking, kids are staying with their parents, and people aren’t lost or wounded. You must be willing to ask people to leave if they are not following group glean guidelines.

14) CLEAN UP! Make SURE the glean site is cleaned up!! NO broken branches, piles of garbage, etc. Be a good scout and leave the site better than when we arrived. 

Figure out where the “chicken feed” is going. If no one wants it, does the host have a compost pile or garbage we should put it in?

15) Do the splits. Weigh or measure the good, usable harvest. Half split to the host/FFLC goes FIRST. Figure out who is taking the FFLC split, if applicable (usually should be the Glean Leader). They need to scan the receipt and email to: AND mail the receipt to the host in a thank-you card (see #21).

Do the math, divide everyone else’s shares evenly if a group split. If they want more/less, they can swap between them when an even split is done. Remind everyone that their share is for immediate household use ONLY- no sharing with friends/family outside of the group, NO reselling – PERIOD. If they have extras they should offer it to the group for another gleaner to benefit.

20) Thank the owner and the crew.

21) Do we need Round 2? Contact Brandy for help scheduling or start at #1. If no tax receipt or FFLC donation is needed, mail the owner a thank-you card or ask Brandy to if you are unable (it means more coming from the people who were actually there and did the gleaning.)

22) Take any FFLC split to FFLC located at: 770 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

They are open 9-4, Monday through Friday. If they are closed or you can’t do this, please contact Brandy at You can leave it at my house and I’ll ask my husband to do it *with advanced notice!* Please do not drop a box of half-rotten fruit on our porch from last week’s glean and expect us to know what it’s about.

Ask the dock person to put the receipt in the owner/host’s name “via Eugene Area Gleaners.” This is IMPRORTANT so we get credit with FFLC for our contributions.

23) Scan the tax receipt and email to: (or get it to Brandy).

24) Mail the tax receipt to the owner in a thank-you card. 

Current glean leaders: 

Amber Maccabee (email)

Carolyn Kurien (FB & Email)

Roger Hansen (via Carol Hanson, FB & email)

Dan Wilhite (FB)

Kyla Spencer (FB & email)

Mel Kasting (email)

Melody Meek

Jet (email only)

Marquetta Rusco

Lisa Carpenter Wickwire


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